Beautiful photos deserve to last a lifetime. That's why we paired the best archival photo paper with the industry's leading ink for photo printing. Our top-quality materials and techniques deliver stunning, custom acrylic prints rated to last over 100 years and sizes up to 120"x60".

*NOTE: photo prints larger than 1,728 square inches can be ordered; however, shipping prices might not be accurate on the website. Please give us a call to confirm your shipping price.


The Face Mount: Optically Clear


Your custom acrylic print is precisely mounted to glossy acrylic glass in your choice of thickness for a lustrous, polished 3D effect. Or, upgrade your image print to our non-glare finish for a modern glare-free look.

Acrylic amplifies your image's colors and clarity, making it an ideal material to display art, photographs, and more. Our frame-grade acrylic is inspected for imperfections to meet the highest quality standards for your desired look. We use adhesives that resist yellowing, cracking, or failure to create top-quality prints that last over 100 years indoors.

As proven experts in the industry, we are proud that our specially formulated combination of acrylic, adhesives, and ink consistently deliver the most optically clear and durable face mount available on the market today.

Acrylic Thickness Options: EIGHTH" | QUARTER" | HALF" | 1"


The Backer: Elegant Acrylic Prints


We take meticulous care to ensure that the appearance of your photo print is nothing short of showstopping - but we also spend just as much time perfecting the parts of your print that you don't see.

Why? Because it's just as important.

Our HD Acrylic print packages come complete with a beautiful 1/8" black acrylic backer for the ultimate glass-like appearance. You can't find this combination anywhere else in the business, and we promise you won't be disappointed. The finished look is seamless and sophisticated. Acrylic backers are only available in sizes under 60"x40".



The Hanging Hardware: A Strong Foundation


No need to stress over the right way to display your prints. Every acrylic print from Prolab Digital comes ready-to-hang with an included inset aluminum cleat. We design our hanging and printing hardware to withstand dimensional variances that happen over time.

What does this mean for you?

It means you'll have a piece that resists flexing, twisting, and bowing - what we like to call "wall yoga" - that many of our competitors just can't promise.

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