Top 5 Things Photographers Must Do Today

The landscape for photographers of all types has changed.  With restrictions on events, travel, and gatherings along with the financial pressures of staying in business, it may seem like a never ending dark tunnel.  Remember, this too shall pass.  However, as creative beings, we must be able to see the silver lining in all of this.  Here are a few things you can do TODAY to help you gain more practice, widen your audience, make more money and grow your business:

  1. Shoot!  Shoot! Shoot! Take more photos
    • The seasons are changing, pollution is down, streets are near empty, shopping malls and schools are deserted, and families are playing in their front yards.  There may never be a better time to capture our own neighborhoods than now.  Get out there and snap more photos.
      -- Pershing Square - Fred Hoerr
  2. Porch Portraits - Capture families on their porch during this time. The more raw, the better.  Meaning sweats, beards, and shaggy hair are all perfectly acceptable!
    • Design and print a simple flyer with a scheduled time on it.  Be sure to leave your contact info on it and ask them to contact you to be included.  This way you have their house number and contact info.
    • Leave this on the door of every home in your neighborhood.
    • Walk down the neighborhood at the scheduled time to snap photos of everyone participating.  This shouldn't take too long, as you only need a few photos of each home.
    • Reach out to each participant with draft images to choose their favorite.  You decide if you'd like to sell them the digital files, sell them a print, or give the files away for free.  Whatever you choose, its a win win!  You get to go outdoors, the families get a beautiful memory and you might just make some money out of it.
    • NOTE: Please check your state/local rules regarding porch portraits. This may not be allowed in some areas. 

  3. Senior Graduation Portraits
    • There is a huge graduating class whom, unfortunately, will not be walking this year.  Honor them with senior portraits to take as they wish!  Students may want to be photographed in their front yard, riding a bike, wearing a sporting uniform, playing a musical instrument or together with a favorite pet or buddy.  Have them incorporate their school colors.

  4. Selling Milestone Prints
    • Go back through your records and archives.  Many wedding and event photographers may find that their past clients are coming up on their 1st, 5th, or even 10th year anniversaries!  Reach back out to them to see if they would like to rekindle their memories by purchasing an image or print from you today.

  5. Reintroduce your images on new print mediums
    • Have you traditionally printed your images on canvas? Try something new!
    • Acrylic face mounts offer a beautiful glass-like appearance.  
    • Infused Aluminum is a product like no other.  Modern, classy, and stunning!
  6. BONUS - Host a virtual gallery!
  • Create your own art exhibit in your garage. Post your event through social media channels and to your client list.  Many of our clients have been extremely successful using this method.  A virtual gallery gives you, the artist, the ability to walk through your art pieces with each potential buyer.  Orders can then simply be shipped or delivered (if you need help with this,

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